COM402: As this is an open book exam, you can bring in your own joke

Posted: 3 December 2011 in life, wkwsci
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Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | An email sent by COM402's professor hours before the exam

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | An email sent by COM402's professor hours before the exam

Finally, the final paper of this 2nd-last semester is over. Also, this is the final Core subject of my university life. Working life beckons.

An email our Prof sent us the night before our 402 exam paper stirred some online chatter. His words to us were weirdly amusing. Some of us also had to google “Fwiw”  to fully understand his email. If distracting us from our final cramming session were the goal, I think our professor succeeded. We ignored our books, lecture notes and reference materials for a good hour or so to discuss the jokes that we will be bringing into the exam hall. We even decided to include those jokes in our answer script for good measure. This prof is just too funny lah.

Now, about the exams. Woah, it wasn’t simple at all. Completing 4 10-mark and 3 20-mark questions within 2 hours is a feat on its own. Some low weightage questions needed lengthy answers to fully meet the requirements but I just didn’t have enough time to write all that down. The answer booklet that I submitted for marking contains my ‘best’ handwriting ever. No time to even think, and there wasn’t really a need to flip through anything that we printed at all. Just not enough time. I didn’t manage to finish the paper too.

Dear God, dear Prof, now all I ask for, pray for and hope for is that my answer booklet won’t be the joke. Regards. :)

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