How to submit a parking fine appeal?

Posted: 14 November 2011 in cars, dumbos, life, singapore
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Just kena summoned SGD 30 for an (honest) mistake of not displaying a parking coupon. (Because it was an honest mistake, I didn’t even turn on summon auntie, an iPhone app, to help me jaga the car. zzz). Update: My appeal was successful.

The steps below will only work for fines given by HDB. Check the bottom of your stub for more details


How to submit a parking fine appeal? It took me a while to find out the exact steps to take. So here, I’m sharing this with all. Always for the just in case. :)

Step 1: Go to HDB’s infoweb –

Step 2: Navigating HDB’s website

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | HDB infoweb Headers

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | HDB infoweb Headers

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | HDB infoweb - submitting an appeal

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | HDB infoweb - submitting an appeal

The form itself requires your personal details (car registration, notice number, email and mobile number). Your appeal (or a sob-story for some) must fit within 3,000 characters. :)

You will then receive a confirmation email. Note that, and I quote, “you can withhold payment for the notice until you receive our reply”.

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  2. william tay says:

    my name ;william and my notice no;H398****M ( FW7***E ) today i want to appeals my motor bike parking offence AND OFFENCE DATE;26/05/2012;;;;TIME;12.44AM.
    i have by a parking ticket i know my bike no parking at the lot sir you know
    at marsiling lane this area the parking lot many time is full parking…please
    can you cancel my parking offence thanks..sir

  3. Tan Ah Boon says:

    Notice no: A926*, I want to appeals my lorry (GP****L) parking offence date: 08-12-2012,
    time: 08.52pm.
    I have delivery my furniture and chairs up to my house at blk ***,#06-**, jurong west, st **. About 25 minutes on my way driving out it too late. Dear sir, hope that you can cancel my parking offence

  4. Patricia Goh says:

    Dear officer,
    Refer to my notice number H450*/Offence Date 21/12/12, Time 1.37pm Parking lot 144.

    I have parked my car at the season parking lot, due to non season parking lots not available. I am urgent, need to look for toilet of my bad stomachache. I am know it an infringement and would like to appeal.

  5. Saya pemandu SG*****C Notice no A60****J 31-12-2012 09.08am saya bertugas limo service saya pulang kerumah sebenter untuk jemput isteri saya nk ke pasar.bila saya turun balik kereta saya sudah disaman. saya nk cepat dan saya ada tugas. Minta maaf dan harap dapat dipertimbangkan terima kasih.

  6. Stella says:

    Hi, during 28-11-2012 that time I had made payment of all compound at S’pore. But I missing the receipt. Can u re-email the receipt for me? My vichike is WQV 3555 under registered owner Mr. Yeo Chee Tai. Tq. Regard. Stella

  7. keith2524 says:

    hi sir i will like to check with u that how long that we can park our van or lorry at the loading n unloading bay??

    • bigmouse1987 says:

      Hi Keith. I am not too sure. From what I’ve heard, it’s 30 minutes. But please check with the relevant authorities on this.

  8. Someone says:

    Some of the english written here gave me cancer.

  9. mohd noor bin ibrahim says:

    Reference to yr notice no h5398536y dtd 4/10/2013. on that very day i was extremely in the process of a nature call. it took me lest than 5 mins to reach my cab before leaving the premises. but unfortunately yr officer just wrote to me the notice. pls excuse me as i was unaware the rule and timing of that parking area.

  10. anonymous says:

    Thanks for this info…it helps as I was looking for the parking fine appeal page for my summons..

  11. OFT says:

    Hi, i appealed. So once i receive the email, i can keep my payment on hold?

    • bigmouse1987 says:

      Usually that’s the case. Please read the email from HDB though, they will let you know if you can withhold payment till the final decision comes in.

  12. Johnb376 says:

    Thanks so much for the article.Much thanks again. Great. bfecebaddkce

  13. sq71 says:

    sorry , i mean cisco fine… how do i appeal? any website or email?

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